3 day first aid course

Who are we and what training courses do we provide?

We are Zsolt & Ana, award winning first aid providers and instructors based in South West London. We provide many first aid training courses including  3 day first aid courses throughout the south of England and pride ourselves in providing high quality first aid training. We instill confidence in people to help in an emergency by teaching them vital skills for first aid training, health and safety.

Established in 2015, we began with delivering lifeguard courses for Royal Life Saving Society. Our love and passion for first aid training grew and we soon realised that there is more to training which motivated us to become qualified to teach a wider range of first aid courses. 

Practical First Aid was created from the desire to ensure a safe and confidence instilling environment for people who want to learn first aid. Our increasing experience has given us the opportunity to work along side fantastic first aid mentors, who share their best practice and passion.

Every course we teach is tailored for each person’s needs. We understand that everyone has differing learning styles so we strive to cover all kinds of teaching methods.

We are flexible and can adapt and deliver our training at your venue: no matter what your venue is, we strive to deliver the highest quality training you can ask for.

We also have a training room in Town Lane, Stanwell, Staines, TW19 7PW. We use this room for the majority of our open courses for individuals to book.

You can request a call back by completing the form on our website which has all the information you need.

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What does a 3 day first aid course involve?

This course is designed for businesses with employees who wish to be a first aid responder at work. It is more suitable for people working in high risk and busy environments like construction, manufacturing, leisure and hospitality. The course covers a wide range of conditions, incidents and illnesses to give the first aider the skills and confidence to deal with an emergency situation.  

First Aid at Work Course consists of 18 face-to-face hours plus break times and includes the time for the final course assessment – You will be assessed by the first aid trainer through practical exercise demonstrations and a verbal assessment.


We can run the course over a longer period if you require but courses should be no more than 10 weeks long:


  • Role of a first aider


  • Incident reporting


  • Contents of first aid boxes


  • Priorities of first aid and action planning in an emergency situation


  • Basic Life Support (CPR and safe use of AED)


  • Dealing with unresponsive casualties


  • Bleeding and shock


  • Fractures and spinal injuries


  • Poisoning


  • Epilepsy


  • Burns


  • Heart attack


  • Secondary survey


  • Head and chest injuries


  • Asthma and diabetes


  • Stroke


  • Shock and anaphylaxis


  • Choking


  • Sprains and strains. 


The majority of courses are run at the customer’s venue but we do have our own venue – We have all the necessary equipment to facilitate high quality training courses wherever we are.


After you successfully complete the first aid course, all participants will receive a First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for 3 years. All First Aid at Work certificates are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

We tailor our prices to meet your needs as we understand that everyone is different. Our goal is to facilitate affordable and efficient training to everyone, you can get in touch with us for a quote.

How many hours of training is a 3 day course in first aid?

The course takes place over a minimum of 3 days – 6 hours each day excluding breaks. It involves verbal and practical course assessments.

Can you do training for a first aid course online? Personal first aid training and basic life support courses:

We offer a few options in online first aid courses – Family First Aid, first aid for parents & annual first aid update.  Click the link to see more details of our Online training and other courses.

The family first aid comprehensive course was developed to give you the skills to help a baby, child or adult with either minor and major first aid incidents. We also give advice on how to treat a variety of common illnesses and conditions.

It lasts approximately 2-4 hours and the online course can be completed on any PC/Mac or mobile device; you can study at your own pace. On successful completion of the course, you can download the certificate for your records. This first aid course costs just £35 per person and it can be booked individually.

First Aid for parents is an engaging and interactive course designed for parents, grandparents and anyone looking after babies and young kids. The course will give them the skillset to respond promptly and effectively to any first aid incident. This first aid course lasts approximately 1 – 1.5 hours and costs just £30 per person and can be booked individually.

The Annual First Aid Update course is perfect for workplaces with First Aiders who want to refresh their first aid skills. It lasts around 1 – 2 hours and costs just £30 per person. It can be booked individually.

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First aid at work training courses

Not only do we offer the 3 day first aid course for work but we have a range of training courses to suit your needs:

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) – This is a one day course and it is designed for people who intend to be First Aid Responders at work. It is ideal for people working in low risk or smaller environments, such as offices. The course will give first aiders the knowledge and confidence necessary in managing emergencies at work. 

First Aid at Work (FAW) – 3 day first aid training course for larger and higher risk environments as well as fire safety training.

Blended First Aid at Work (BFAW) – Extensive 2 day blended learning course. Please note that the Blended First Aid at Work course cannot be combined with the First Aid at Work Re-qualification course.

First Aid at Work Re-qualification (FAWR) – Re-qualification course designed for existing First Aid at Work qualified candidates. You can attend this course throughout the final 3 months of the 3 year certification period. Please note that if you attend this course within 3 months before your certification period expires, the new certificate will be valid from the previous expiry date.

Paediatric First Aid for Registered Child Carers and EYFS – This 2 day Paediatric First Aid course is suitable for people working with children under 8 years of age. The course will give the candidates the confidence and skills to administer first aid to a child. Our course also includes free anaphylaxis training. 

Blended Paediatric First Aid (BPFA) – The Blended Paediatric First Aid course is suitable for people working with children under 8 years old. Whether you are a pre-school, reception or nursery teacher, carer or child minder, this course will give students the skillset to give first aid to children. 

The Blended Paediatric course also includes a free anaphylaxis course.

Training courses for dental practices – This course is suitable for anyone working in a Dental Practice. This aid training is able to provide learners with the confidence and the skills to correctly act in an emergency by calmly providing the casualty with critical basic life support until a paramedic arrives.