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First Aid at Work Courses available in your area!

Practical First Aid offers an extensive range of training courses, that improve health and safety in the workplace. Our first aid at work courses give detailed, practical information about how to deal with a range of workplace emergencies. Having a first aider available at all times is critical in certain industries. Completing relevant first aid training doesn’t take long and can be a life-saving skill during emergencies. 

Why is first aid training important in the workplace?

Employees who complete a CPR and first aid course have a better chance of carrying out a successful first aid or CPR intervention in an emergency situation. Accidents do happen. Here are three examples of when first aid can help save lives.

1) Employee sustains a minor injury while on the job. Employees are trained to help in situations like these.

2) Employee suffers a heart attack. Employees are trained to administer CPR and to use an AED.

3) Employee gets cut by a sharp object. Employees are trained to bandage the wound. 

Our First Aid at Work course covers a variety of dangerous situations and health issues. We explain the best ways to deal with medical emergencies and offer appropriate treatment. 

How long does it take to complete a first aid course?

The First Aid at Work course is a 3-day course. This is because it is more suited to higher risk industries such as manufacturing and construction. This type of first aid training is also beneficial for industries with a lot of activity, such as hospitality and leisure. 

Are these certified training courses? 

Our first aid courses are OFQUAL & Industry Body approved and regulated. Successful participants will qualify as certified first aiders at the end of the course. Certificates are sent out once payment is received. We no longer issue paper certificates. Instead, we send them electronically. 

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First aid at work training is essential for any business, so choose a company that specialises in this field. At Practical First Aid we make sure every training course is informative, practical, and easy to follow. Ensuring that newly qualified first aiders will be able to deal with any emergency. To make a booking or find out more about our services, please visit our website or contact us online