Emergency First Aid at Work Course

A first aid course designed for the work environment

In an increasingly globalised world, First Aid at work training courses are becoming a vital component of every company’s health and safety strategy.

You may have heard of a First Aid at Work course and wondered if it was worth investing some man-hours in the training. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for advice.

First aid at work courses focus on the core skills of managing life-threatening emergencies in the workplace. Read on to see if a first aid in the workplace course is right for your business.

What is first aid at work course?

In short, workplace first aid is a program in which you train employees how to respond to workplace emergencies and injuries. If you don’t do this, they might not have a clue who to call or what to do in an emergency and thus the company may become liable and face serious lawsuit action.  Besides the legal implications, as an employer, it may help you sleep a little better at night.

What is the goal of a workplace first aid course?

The goal of workplace safety and health training is to train employees to recognise and respond to workplace hazards, such as chemical exposure, or unsafe equipment.  If a hazardous condition arises during normal operations, it’s imperative that an employee be able to identify and report it to a supervisor or the appropriate organisation.

First Aid training is designed to help people prevent illness, injury, and/or death. The goal of first aid training is to teach people how to care for themselves and others when an emergency situation arises. 

Why this first aid at work training course will work for your business?

If you have an emergency at work, who will help? Unfortunately, not all of us are trained to handle the unexpected, and many of us rely on coworkers to intervene and take charge. This can be dangerous since we have no idea if a qualified person would be available at that exact time. So before the unthinkable happens, decide if you want to be in a position where you cannot handle the gravity of such a situation.

How first aid training courses can work for your employees?

It’s a regular working day, you’re in the middle of a meeting, your boss touches his arm, looks nervous, and suddenly faints. Would you know what’s happening, or what to do? It´s just about security and being safe in the knowledge that your employees could identify and cope in an emergency. An emergency is never easy but with the proper first aid training session and licence you can prevent a real tragedy from happening and all of the negative effects that would have on your business.

Why should everyone attend a course?

It takes just a few hours to learn the basic first aid course skills you need to help someone survive in an emergency. With the right training, you can save lives by being the first aider on site.  First aid courses are a great way to learn what to do in an emergency, including CPR and how to recognize the signs of stroke and heart attack.  So ask yourself just one question.  Do you want to be able to save someone’s life if they become injured at work?

What are the different types of aid training?

Paediatric first aid – This type of first aid course is meant for people who are young. It teaches you about how to treat children who may have fallen and gotten into some trouble. 

Adult first-aid – This type of first aid course is meant for people who are adults. It teaches you how to treat people who have cuts and wounds, burns, fractures, broken bones, and head injuries. 

First aid for sport – This type of first aid course is meant for athletes and others who go to the gym for their workouts. It teaches you how to treat people in case they get injured and how to help them.

In all of them, you also learn to be ready to help someone with a heart attack or any other health emergency like a seizure, choking, or a mental health issue like a panic attack.

What about a first aid annual skills update?

It’s important to keep the first aid training skills up to date.  That way your staff will become used to anything should they need to aid an emergency.  These courses should be a priority, so you should certainly consider a first aid annual skills update.  This may be more cost-effective for your business too since an annual update course should take less time than running a complete course for your staff.

Who are your first aid courses directed to?

The training market in London is huge. There are some amazing first aid training courses and courses available to learners from all different walks of life. We provide online and in-person first aid at work curriculum for all kinds of professionals in various fields.

In addition to that, we report to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), the UK governing body whose primary function is to secure the health, safety, and welfare of people at work in the UK and protect them from risks to health and safety from work activity.  We regularly liaise with our designated HSE officer to keep abreast of any changes to regulation and update our training course requirements.

In conclusion, first aid certified employees are an important part of your work safety toolkit. It could mean the difference between life and death. It’s something that should not be taken lightly.  So, if you want to have an army of first aiders ready for anything in your working environment contact us through our online, website or social media channels and let us come up with a package that’s right for you.