emergency first aid at work course

Workplace emergency first aid courses available now

Does your office or workplace need someone who is qualified to deal with a medical emergency? Practical First Aid has the perfect training course that will give your staff the required skills and knowledge. Emergency first aid at work training prepares staff for a variety of situations. Medical incidents or emergencies at work often take people by surprise. But having someone available, with knowledge of emergency first aid ensures that there is no panic and that proper treatment is administered. First aid training is a valuable investment that is relatively cheap to implement. We provide training of the highest quality while keeping our prices affordable for all types of business. 

What are the benefits of first aid training courses at work?

situations where first aid is needed. Receiving first aid training can also help you save lives in emergency situations. Being able to offer treatment in the workplace before emergency services arrive can be critical for someone’s chances of survival.

Does my company require people with a first aid qualification?

Health and safety laws apply to all UK companies. According to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations, employers must provide “adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work”.

Adequate and appropriate doesn’t necessarily mean that a qualified first aider is required. Employers must assess their first aid needs, regarding the contents of the first aid box, and the necessity for a first aider and/or a medical room. 

What does the course cover?

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is a one-day training course that is suitable for staff who want to become first aiders. The course is designed for lower-risk industries and office spaces. The training will provide candidates with the knowledge and experience to correctly deal with a workplace emergency. 

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