Emergency First Aid at Work Course

 Our Emergency First Aid at Work course is a popular choice amongst employers and employees alike. We offer four separate first aid training courses that focus on first aid within the workplace. However, the Emergency First Aid at Work course is the only of our “at work” first aid courses that can be completed in a single day. 

At Work – Available First Aid Training Course Options

We offer several separate options for first aid at work courses.

The first option is our 3 day, 18-hour First Aid at Work Course. 

The second option is our online + 2 day, 12-hour Blended First Aid at Work with E-Learning course.

The third option is our 2 day First Aid at Work Re-qualification and is meant for those who have already received the First Aid at Work qualification. 

The fourth option is the 1 day, 6-hour Emergency First Aid at Work course. This is the workplace first aid course that we are going to explore more fully.

Who is the Emergency First Aid at Work Course Meant for?

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is best suited for staff working in low risk or smaller, less busy environments. The course will give the workplace staff the confidence needed to act swiftly and accurately in the case of a workplace emergency.

Emergency First Aid at Work Course Duration

 This course is completed over one full day. The course consists of six face-to-face training hours where our team works directly with your staff. These six hours of training exclude breaks. We break the day into two parts separated by a one-hour lunch break in the middle of the day.

Included in the six-hour course duration are theoretical instruction as well as practical, hands-on training on emergency issues such as scene assessment, resuscitation, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), bleeding control, choking, shock, and more.

Participants will be assessed by the trainer throughout the day. Participants will be asked questions and will perform practical exercises to the satisfaction of the trainers.

Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course Qualification

Once the course has been successfully completed, the participants will be recognized as active First Aiders. They will receive the Emergency First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for three years. This certification is fully recognised, acknowledged, and accepted by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

We also can work with your team to ensure their re-qualification of Emergency First Aid at Work skills prior to its expiration after three years.

What to Expect on Your First Aid Training Courses 

On the day of your training, you should be well-rested and ready to learn and move. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing that allows you an easy wide range of movement, including sitting, standing, kneeling, and lying down. There are quite a few practical parts to your training, and we don’t want you to be held back by the wrong clothing.

If you wish to take notes, please bring a notepad or spare paper. Everything else (including a pen) will be provided for you. Just bring yourself and be prepared to participate in life-saving exercises.

If you have booked this course privately, it will take be held at our private Heathrow venue. However, for our group courses booked by the employer or other group, we will hold the training at the venue provided by the customer.

Combining the Emergency First Aid at Work with Other Courses

We offer a range of combined courses, and the Emergency First Aid at Work course is ideal to combo with several of our other courses. This allows the participants to gain two qualifications in one.

You can combine the Emergency First Aid at Work course with the following additional courses:

Combining your learning can help you to more carefully focus specific life-saving skills on areas that are of particular interest to you. It can also be an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to gain additional qualifications and skills for yourself or your staff.

Book Your Emergency First Aid at Work Course Today

Regardless of whether you are booking the course for yourself, individually, or for your entire office, this emergency first aid at work training course is a valuable addition to anyone’s first aid response skills. It will transform participants into First Aiders, to react in a swift, appropriate manner in order to reduce injuries or save lives until professionals can take over the scene.

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