3 day first aid course

Complete your first aid training in 3 days

First aid training is an essential part of workplace health and safety, and here at Practical we offer a 3 Day First Aid Course. Having first aid certified employees on-site at all times can make a huge difference in an emergency. When dealing with a workplace casualty, it is critical to start treatment as quickly as possible while waiting for emergency services to arrive. 

At Practical First Aid, we offer a 3-day first aid course that is specifically designed for the workplace. Aimed at First Aider candidates, it is suited to industries such as construction or manufacturing which are higher risk. Busy industries such as leisure, or hospitality also benefit from having a first aider available. The training covers various incidents, illnesses, and medical situations. Upon completion of the three-day course, a newly certified first aider should feel confident that they can deal with a workplace emergency in the correct manner.

Why should I take a first aid course?

A first aid course is beneficial to have because it allows you to assist someone who is experiencing a first aid emergency. First aid training can teach you how to respond swiftly and efficiently to an emergency scenario. A qualified first aider is a valuable asset to any company. In certain high-risk jobs, a first aid certification is often a necessary requirement.  

Are first aid courses expensive?

First aid courses aren’t too expensive and are definitely worth the investment. We keep our course prices competitive and affordable, while still maintaining the highest training standards. 

What training courses are available?

We offer an extensive range of first aid training courses. The courses cover paediatric first aid, first aid at work, and basic life support. Requalification and Stand-alone courses such as Defibrillator and Anaphylaxis are also available. 

Is this a certified first aid course?

We offer OFQUAL & Industry Body approved first aid courses. These are nationally recognised and include certification. After qualifying to become a first aider, participants will receive a digital certificate once payment is received.

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Practical First Aid provides training courses that are informative, interesting, and easy to follow. For more information about the first aid training we offer, contact us today.